Eye and Lens Protection (Coating)


This lens provides the clearest and sharpest vision throughout your day. Whether you are driving at night, using your computer or taking a picture with some friends, with antiglare you’ll be able to see comfortably. With the technique of increasing the light transmission through the lenses, anti-glare helps make everything more perceptible to you and makes your eyes visible to others.


You can clean them with a regular paper towel, you can put them in your bag without a case and you can even drop them; yet, the lenses will stay perfectly smooth and intact, because all of our lenses come with an anti-scratch coating. Our lenses are treated with a front and back clear hard coating and make your glasses scratch resistant.

Photochromic Lens

Also known as light-adjusting lenses, these lenses look like regular eyeglasses when indoors however, when exposed to UV rays (when outdoors) the lens darkens for a sunglasses effect.

UV Protection

UV coated lenses that protect eyes from ultra violet rays.

Color Tint

You can customize your frames lenses from the shade down to the color. Tinted lenses can be used as sunglasses (darker tint), or a light tint can be used for fashion.

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